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A calculator is an essential tool many people generally use for day to day fundamental math. It was first a simple device. Then it has been developed to perform complex mathematical equations and graphs. The speedy usage of smartphones highlighted the necessity of an in-built digital calculator. Later it became a basic mobile application the mobile developers added.
However, the requirement of a scientific calculator is still in question. That paved the way for app developers to research and build highly functional calculator apps for their users. The following is a simple review of some of the best calculator apps developed for Android users. Some of them are free, while some need in-app payments. One can have a great variety of these apps to choose from according to his or her requirements.

Best 10 Android calculator apps


Calc is a free app, but you can pay $1.49 to get rid of advertisements. It is a simple, efficient app that has an excellent User Interface. It allows customization by providing themes. Calc provides a calculator history and the facility to use the answers of a previous calculation later on. It is a simple yet useful app for your daily math; yet, it is not recommended to use it as a professional calculator at school trigonometry. Today Weather developed this app.


Calcu may not qualify as a complete scientific calculator. However, it is an excellent app with many additional functions that go beyond a basic calculator app. It is a free app where the paid version $1.99 provides you with an add-free app. Calc has many vital features, like memory keys and calculation history. It offers a variety of themes and customizing options. Thus, Calcu is a good competitor for the basic stock calculator in many Android smartphones.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos Graphing Calculator app comes with many features of a scientific calculator along with the essential math functions. It is a free app. It is useful as an excellent mobile substitute for graphing calculators. It offers customizable data tables and statistics with interactive graphs. Thus, the Desmos Graphing Calculator app is an excellent app for academic purposes.

Digitalchemy calculator apps
There are three leading Digitalchemy apps developed by Google Play. Calculator Plus app performs all the essential functions of a primary calculator. Fraction Calculator app works with all the fractions. It allows you to do your fractions without bringing them to decimal format. Thus, Fraction Calculator app is a great partner to do the fractions with your kids. The final app is an updated version of the Calculator app called Artful Calculator. Do not forget that it has a variety of artistic themes as well.

Financial Calculators

Finance calculations are a vital part of many users in their daily work. The app series of Financial Calculators aids you in getting a proper understanding of your financial cues. It has many modes that support you in solving issues like student loan repayments, tax payments and home loan interest calculations. This is a completely free application, with no in-app purchases. However, there may be a few bugs and advertisements.

HiEdu Scientific Calculator

As per the name, HiEdu Scientific Calculator is an excellent mobile calculator for advanced calculations. It provides a simple, clear user interface with around a thousand of math formulas. This app is totally up to date as it follows the latest PEMDAS/BOMDAS method rather than the old math rules. This app is free, or you can get the pro-version for $1.49.

HiPER Scientific Calculator

With a pro-version of $2.99, the HiPER Scientific Calculator app is an education-friendly app for students. Apart from the essential inbuilt scientific calculator functions, the app has a unit converter for over 200 units and some features like permutations and random number generator. The pro-version offers nine exponent digits and up to 100 decimal places in calculations. That is the only difference with the free version along with the customized theme function.

MyScript Calculator 2

MyScript Calculator 2 app costs $2.99 and features as a great entertaining calculator app for Android. You can write your equations in it. The Optical Character Recognition feature translates it into digital text format and gets it solved for you! It is very user-friendly with an attractive interface for both kids and adults. The app suits the best for high school and college students. It comes with essential math functions like roots, exponentials, powers, and logarithms.

Wabbitemu is a free app that emulates some Texas Instruments calculators. The app supports many editions of TI calculators such as the excellent ones TI-83 and TI-85. It converts your mobile screen to a Texas Instruments calculator along with all the keys. However, you may provide your own Read-Only Memory for this TI calculator emulator. Wabbitemu is an excellent graphing calculator app despite some bugs. It gets constant updates too.

Your phone’s calculator

Well, sometimes, life is as simple as that! Anyone who does not have to deal with some complex mathematical equations and graphs daily also does not need a complex calculator app. This calculator comes in-built for every Android smartphone and provides all the simple features and functions a standard calculator holds. It will help you to do some quick math in your local store bill, restaurant tip, and some basic finances. Thus, it opts out the need to fill your phone storage space with some third party calculator app unless you are a mathematician, student, or an accountant, your mobile phone calculator will serve you well in all your daily math issues.

Wrapping it up…

Mobile calculator apps come handy for students and people who daily work with complex math problems. These calculator apps feature many advanced functions, giving us the same sense as using a regular calculator. These are not recommended in examinations as the mobile phones involve with them. Yet, these mobile apps provide you with a digital sensation of doing your math with high-resolution graphics and user interfaces in comparison to ordinary calculators.


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Best Calculator apps for Android

A calculator is an essential tool many people generally use for day to day fundamental math. It was first a simple device. Then it...

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