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A face mask that comes with innovative protective qualities




Nowadays, where everybody has to pay the utmost attention to personal hygiene, some of us feel lost in the way. People get all sorts of information regarding personal hygiene, and it is easy for someone to get the wrong information. Different news tells different ways of protecting yourself. After all, who would have thought a face mask would become a part of your attire?! When it comes to face masks, most people find themselves in conflicted situations due to much-contradicting information. To understand the importance of face masks against germ protection, we have dug information from the local hygiene professionals.

James Michael Lafferty, the CEO of Fine Hygiene Holding, had a conversation with us on the same. His company distributes sterilized products to more than 75 global markets among millions of clients. They are most famous for their sterilized tissues that affirmatively renders almost 100% germ-free with their patented U.V. sterilization procedure. Fine Hygiene recently launched its N95 face mask under the name Fine Guard.

How can a face mask protect you from germs?

According to James, COVID-19 can infect a person by entering through the nose and mouth, which are the most accessible entrances to the human body. There is no difference between COVID-19 and other contagious pathogens. Essentially, covering these entrances (nose and mouth) can add additional protection to a human body. However, covering your nose and mouth does not guarantee 100% protection from germs. Also, not all face masks come with the ability to protect you from viruses.

As per Fine Hygiene’s CEO, James, not all face masks have the ability to filter viruses. In turn, viruses manage to slip through the mask and enter the body. Most of the face masks cannot restrict viruses because they are utterly small and can move through almost anything.

Fine Guard, the latest N95 mask, on the contrary, has the ability to filter 95% of particles that circulate in the air. That is why most people call it the ‘off-the-shelf’ respiratory protection.

If N95 is filtering only 95% of germs, what about the remaining 5%?

The CEO of Fine Hygiene calls the mask as an N95 mask on steroids. The basic idea behind the manufacturing process of the N95 mask is to filter as many viruses as possible. The result of the product filters up to 95% of the germs. But, if a virus manages to slip through the mask, it has the ability to kill the virus. These N95 masks are self-sterilizing, which means they kill germs if there are any. As soon as a virus hits the fabric, the mask kills the virus before the user of the mask inhales it. This ability prevents people from inhaling germs as they are destroyed as soon as they come in contact with the fabric.

A company in Switzerland came up with a technical idea, and that is what we call Livinguard. According to the invented technology, if any germ touches a surface that has Livinguard on it, the bacteria immediately die. Due to the technology behind Livinguard and the chemical structure it has, it does not kill the germs once, but for hours, days, and even months. N95 mask comes with Livinguard technology, which means it provides reliable protection against viruses. This information is as per the CEO of Fine Hygiene regarding the N95 mask.

The science behind the N95 mask

Livinguard is a Swiss technology that is patented by the company. This technology is capable of destroying viruses automatically. Every germ in the world has a positive charge. None of the viruses have a neutral charge. The technology of Livinguard is a substance. When you spray this substance over a surface, it emanates approximately 24 billion negatively charged ions. With this technology, when a virus comes in contact with Livinguard, the cell wall of the virus breaks down by contracting the negatively charged ions in the Livinguard substance. The technology destroys the viruses mechanically because it does not use chemical disinfectants that most household cleaning agents have.

The best thing about the N95 mask is, you can reuse it by washing it. It is also easy to maintain the face mask. The technology of Livinguard is robustly bonded and attached to the fabric. Therefore, the full strength of the technology remains up to 30 washes. This means the user can use the mask for quite some time, without having to throw after a single-use. It is an environmentally friendly option and is cost-effective too.

Pocket-friendly and eco-friendly!

When you use disposable masks, you have to throw them away after a single-use. With the increased amount of disposable face mask usage, we are piling up masks that do not decay quickly. The good news is, you can have the N95 mask without throwing it away. In turn, it is pocket-friendly because you would not have to purchase a mask every day.

N95 mask costs AED 99, which is highly cost-effective compared to purchasing disposable masks. The technology of Livinguard remains on the mask for 240 days. This means you only have to get ONE N95 mask rather than buying 240 daily-disposable masks. A lot of organization are taking a step to purchase N95 masks because it saves a lot of money to their company.

Final thoughts: Do face masks really protect you?

According to the hygiene experts at Fine Hygiene, most masks offer limited respiratory protection, while others fail to protect. Face masks ought to filter viruses that enter through nose and mouth. But not all masks are capable of filtering all sorts of viruses. Therefore, making a one-time investment to purchase an N95 mask can give you additional protection.

During such uncertain times, where a single virus can infect a person, it is safe to be assured that you are covered from all possible viruses. Therefore, get a mask and rest assured that even if a virus enters, the mask can destroy it. Better be safe!


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