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10 Engagement Ring Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Ring




Choosing the right engagement ring for your partner

Choosing a perfect engagement ring for your partner is one of the main way to show how much you truly care for them. Surely it becomes hard to choose something perfect for your partner, depending on a number of factors through which it is based. For example, would a ruby based golden ring look good on your partner? Or should you simply go off with a diamond set? These are the basic questions that can cross your mind in between. 

Whatever you choose for your partner, it is the feeling which counts. The smile which forms on their face when they sees you kneeling onto the ground to offer them the ring is priceless. But before you put your money into something precious just like an engagement ring, here are few points you need to take care of. 

Factors to choose before getting the right engagement ring for your partner

Not so long ago, the idea of an engagement ring meant for the fact that they should be emerald or princess cut? These two were the most ideally chosen variations made by people in the past. But as we grow, our expectations increase with us and we tend to move apart from the fashion choices we were once settled in. 

Here are some factors which can help you to choose the perfect ring for your partner. 

  1. It is not about the trend

First thing first, we need to entitle our mind that trends are not the absolute thing in today’s world. You might see your favourite Instagram influencer asking their partners to marry them in rings which typically looks the same. The idea is to choose something that can fit your partner’s hand and look pretty on it. It can be any ring that you want to gift them. Presenting something unique to your partner is one way of saying how much they really mean to you. 

  1. Narrow it down to the size which you want

The common problem that we all have during choosing rings is the size of your partner’s hand. If the ring is too big, there will be complications. If it is too small, there ought to be. Narrowing it down to the size of how you want the ring to be will be preferable if you have a talk with your friends who are already married. The ones who do have the experience can let you know better. 

  1. It is not about the stone

A lot of people believe in the idea that an engagement ring should always be fitted with a beautiful stone on top. Surely it looks amazing on your partner’s hand but it is not about the quantity you are spending on your ring. Since it is being done through pure love, you cannot put a value to it. You can always choose to get an item which is made out of different and unique materials to be decorated on top of the ring.

  1. Keep the carat size in your mind

Another special thing to care about while choosing an engagement ring is the karat size. The karat size is equivalent to the price you will be paying for your ring. The age old question which lies to while choosing an engagement ring is, which karat size will fit better? Well there are some people who likes the idea of having bigger stones than smaller. You do know your partner better so choosing a ring which matches their style will be a huge bonus. 

  1. Worry about the price

This may sound intimidating but you need to worry about the price that you are spending on your ring. We all know that we cannot put price to love but there are ton of engagement ring makers around you which can help you to get a good worth of price. Eventually, it all goes to the research done from your part. You can choose someone who have a negotiation of a lower range than someone who is charging you higher with the same amount of work done.

  1. Understand the shapes

Earlier than you start looking for an engagement ring, you ought to apprehend the distinction among a diamond’s shape, its reducing style and its reduce pleasant. Shape describes a diamond’s outline while considered face up. By some distance, the maximum popular diamond shape is round. However there are other shapes—known as fancy shapes—which encompass the marquise, pear, oval, rectangle, square and coronary heart.

  1. Understand the shape

The sort of metallic you choose for an engagement rings band impacts the general look of the piece. White gold and platinum have been famous for a number of years, and each make for a graceful, contemporary appearance. They are also proper alternatives for diamonds graded within the colourless to close to-colourless degrees–d via j at the gia colour scale.

  1. Go for the setting

In an engagement ring, a diamond is held in place by way of a placing. The placing has jobs: to focus on the splendour of the diamond, and to shield it from harm. Exclusive settings offer one of kind stages of protection.

  1. Pick the side of the stone

Facet stones are an impressive way to get dressed up an engagement ring. They bring about a dash of beauty, creating a glance that’s genuinely sophisticated. Famous alternatives consist of channel or pavé set diamonds alongside the shank of the ring, diamond baguettes.

  1. Choose properly

For diamonds of comparable colour and readability, the reduce is answerable for the stone’s sparkle. A simple tip to ensure a spherical outstanding diamond sparkles is to choose one that has a gia reduce grade of “exceptional” or “very good.”


While choosing your engagement ring from the store, these are the factors which can help you out. Keep in mind that it is an appreciation and a token of gesture which shows you and your partner are now married. To make your day special, you can consider all these points and settle for the best ring to give your partner to. 


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